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The office

We relate to your journey, do you know why?
Because, just like ours, it has gone through
many stages, achievements, and victories.
Our story and our actions in every endeavor always
begin with our guiding strategies:

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Providing excellent service, aiming to offer clients creative and effective solutions for their problems, no matter their nature. In this concept, we relentlessly pursue the highest possible qualification, the enhancement of our professionals, as well as the modernization of our internal structure and the services we provide.


We believe in the Law as an essential tool for entrepreneurship and economic and social development. We value technical excellence and believe that the role of a lawyer, under any circumstances, should never stray from the ethical and fundamental principles of law.


Ethics, commitment, enthusiasm, and collective growth. These are the values that guide the work of the GMPR - GONÇALVES, MACEDO, PAIVA & RASSI LAWYERS S/S Office. We understand that the lawyer carries an essential responsibility: the promotion of ethics, solidifying in their professional practice a commitment to society and respect for the human being.

Discover some of the moments that have shaped our history.

• 2006

Our story begins in a teachers' lounge, where three disruptive minds - Carlos Márcio Rissi Macedo, Lúcio Flávio Siqueira de Paiva, and Marcos César Gonçalves de Oliveira - sprang into action.

• 2010

The desire to serve more clients with even higher quality led the partners to seek new partnerships. This marked the beginning of discussions with Lawyer Breno Rassi Florêncio, a graduate of the renowned Faculty of Law at Largo do São Francisco, University of São Paulo.

• 2015 e 2016

Aiming for solid and organized growth, the firm underwent consultancy from Selem Bertozzi, based in Curitiba, Paraná, to structure its administrative and financial management model, as well as to establish a career plan and legal management control.

• 2020 E 2021

In the year we expanded our headquarters, we also launched our podcast program, GMPR Cast, as a significant audio marketing strategy. With great pride, the firm now boasts approximately 50 employees, including lawyers, interns, and administrative staff.

• 2007

The initial highlights start to emerge, as was the case with the then intern José Antônio Domingues da Silva, a proactive student who captivated the partners with his dynamism. Two years later, he was already a partner in the firm.

• 2010

With the growth of the firm came an expansion of its infrastructure. The office relocated to a spacious and comfortable new headquarters on 99th Street, Setor Sul, and the firm became known as Gonçalves, Macedo, Paiva, and Rassi Lawyers S/S.

• 2018

After expanding to Palmas, the firm sought expertise in the Corporate field, with the addition of Leonardo Honorato Costa, who was the coordinator of the Corporate Department at the time. He was already teaching Business Law at universities, authored a book on this branch of law, and was part of national committees on the subject, such as the Commercial Law Conference of the Superior Court of Justice.

• 2022

In another year of growth, GMPR Lawyers inaugurates its new branch, now in the city of Rio Verde-GO, with a focus on Agribusiness Law. Leading this expansion are partners Artur Ricardo Siqueira and Fernando Ribeiro.

• 2009

Speaking of inspiring minds, after his retirement from the Court of Justice of the State of Goiás, Professor Justice Jamil Pereira de Macedo becomes a new partner, essential to the technical quality and credibility of this firm.


Hiring lawyers or cultivating them? Strategically, we opted to develop our own team, shaping each intern according to our work philosophy. As a result, the firm conducted competitive intern selection processes and, more recently, participated in the innovative and award-winning intern-trainee program.

• 2019,

In this year, the firm already had over 40 employees, including lawyers, interns, and administrative staff, along with a robust and modern information technology infrastructure. It operated in key areas of law, serving clients from across Brazil and abroad.

• 2023

In another year of growth, GMPR Lawyers inaugurates its new branch, now in the city of Rio Verde-GO, with a focus on Agribusiness Law. Leading this expansion are partners Artur Ricardo Siqueira and Fernando Ribeiro.

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